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Evening in Harlem

EventPhotoFull Evening in Harlem Logo 080521 055838Each year, an Evening in Harlem celebrates the Harlem Renaissance – the artistic explosion of the Black community during the 1920s and early 30s.

The proceeds from this event benefit our Black Success Center and its programming.

Come dressed in your Harlem Renaissance attire and enjoy an evening of food, music, casino, and dancing! The programming for this year will be a little different, providing more time to socialize, dance, play in the casino, and walk through the museum! Food will be available throughout the evening and through the venue.

This years event was Friday Apr 1, 2022 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM @ The Leonardo in Salt Lake City, UT.


The Black Success Center is the economic development hub for Utah's Black Community. The Center hosts several educational programming to start and elevate small Black businesses and our Black business professionals. Our focus is to enhance the connection of Utah's Black community to sustain, retain, and further elevate Utah's Black economy.  

Recent data shows vast disparities between Black and white communities in Utah. The Black population ranks the lowest in income, homeownership, and business ownership, and the highest percentage in poverty. 

To add to these challenges, Utah struggles to retain and grow diversity. The Black population has remained stagnant the last several years. Black professionals who migrate to Utah feel disconnected and struggle to find and feel a community for them. The heightened intensity in race conversations have illuminated a lack of awareness and education of systemic racism. 

Since its inception in 2009, the Utah Black Chamber has made significant strides for its community and continues to elevate its impact by curating a visible, accessible, and safe space for everyone. Our goal is to build an environment that welcomes all and builds a sense of trust and community while establishing a bridge to Utah’s non-Black population through partnership, collaboration, education, and awareness.  

That’s why we created the Black Success Center. 

The Black Success Center is poised to become the economic development hub for Utah’s Black community. Not only does it provide a space for the Black community to connect, but it helps grow Black businesses and professionals. With your help, the Center will provide the community with coworking space, incubator offices, conference rooms, training rooms, and an event hall for programming and training. The Black Success Center also has partnered The Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City to curate a Black Museum and host larger events to connect and educate the broader community. 

Over the last year, the UBC has formed a partnership with The Leonardo to respond to the critical community need to create a space for education about Utah’s Black community, and a space for conversation and dialogue with the non-Black community. The Black Museum will be the only permanent exhibition space dedicated to sharing the stories of Utah’s Black community, Black history, and the impact and contributions of Black community members.

We envision the Black Success Center to serve as the foundation to establish a Black ecosystem with a talent pipeline for the best opportunities Utah has to offer. Combining this with understanding and awareness will accelerate the progress of closing the racial income gap and lowering the barriers for Black success.

The Utah Black Chamber is seeking your support to make this vision happen. Sponsoring our cause, engagement in the Center’s several programming, tickets to our Evening in Harlem gala, and participation in the Utah Black Chamber book, which we are excited to release here at Evening in Harlem!