Leadership Pathway

Leadership Pathway IllustrationTo ensure the future growth and prosperity of Salt Lake City, and the State of Utah, it is of the utmost importance that the city, and the state, draw on the expertise of a vibrant, engaged and diverse population of leaders for its government, businesses and non-profits. To ensure the existence of that population, it is imperative that these entities drive the concept of equitable attainment by first raising a diverse group of individuals from within their existing populations to senior leadership positions and, secondly, by attracting a diverse group of new talent into their ranks.

To help prepare individuals within the Black, women and veteran populations to take on these roles, and attract other underserved populations to the region, the Utah Black Chamber of Commerce (UBCC) – in conjunction with Western Governors University - is proposing to launch a 15-week “Leadership Pathways Program”. This program is designed to help already working Black, women and veteran professionals to enhance their existing leadership skill sets so that they can elevate their prospects for promotion into leadership positions.

Program Structure

The program will be built on the following key concepts:

  • The program will be composed of a set of trainings/seminars/mentoring sessions stretching over 15 weeks.
  • These trainings/seminars/mentoring sessions will be held one night a week, 3 hours a night for 15 weeks.  Group sessions will take place at WGU’s offices in Murray.
  • There will be a spring and a fall cohort.
  • The program will employ the following pedagogy - skills assessment, followed by targeted skills practice and development, resulting in keys skills attainment that addresses gaps in an individual’s potential for advancement.
  • Applicants can be self-nominated, or nominated by another leader, and will be carefully screened to ensure fit and commitment to the program.
  • Those participants who successfully complete the full 15-week program will be offered the opportunity to participate in a “Social Wealth” opportunity in which they will work with a successful leader from within the community who will act as their mentor in a Mentor/Mentee relationship.

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